Volume 20, Issue 1 (Jun 2019)

  • Metonymy and frame integration: Interfacing between concepts and discourse

(Georgios Ioannou) Read online

  • But, you see, the problem is… Perception verbs in courtroom talk: Focus on you see

(Magdalena Szczyrbak) Read online

  •  The writer’s pragmatic aims attainment in Doris Lessing’s To Room Nineteen: A cognitive linguistics view

(Yakiv Bystrov, Diana Sabadash) Read online

  •  The construction of cooperative and inferential meaning by children with Asperger syndrome

(Francisco J. Rodríguez Muñoz) Read online

  •  Exploring syntactic complexity and its relationship with writing quality in EFL argumentative essays

(Farzaneh Shadloo, Hesamoddin Shahriari Ahmadi, Behzad Ghonsooly) Read online



Volume 20, Issue 2 (Dec 2019) 

  • Discourse studies: Between social constructionism and linguistics. A critical overview

(Piotr Cap) Read online

  • A comprehensive corpus-based analysis of “X Auxiliary Subject” constructions in written and spoken English

(Carlos Prado-Alonso) Read online

  • Intercultural variation in academic discourse: Theme zones and the build-up of coherence in research articles

(Irena Hůlková, Olga Dontcheva-Navratilova, Renata Jančaříková, Josef Schmied) Read online

  • Aspectual coding asymmetries: Predicting aspectual verb lengths by the effects frequency and information content

(Michael Richter, Giuseppe G. A. Celano) Read online

  • “The authors have wasted their time…”: Genre features and language of anonymous peer reviews

(Tatyana Yakhontova) Read online

  • Critical reading of online news commentary headlines: Stylistic and pragmatic aspects

(Alan Dykstra) Read online

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