Volume 15, Issue 1 (June 2015)

  • On the categorization of the Japanese honorific system Keigo

(Ivona Barešova) Read online

  • Development of directives in child language: A case study of Czech

(Pavla Chejnová) Read online

  • Slovak students’ comprehension of English figurative idioms containing body parts

(Elena Ciprianová, Marta Vrábelová) Read online

  • Translating the representation of the tourist landscape: A corpus-based study

(Stefania Gandin) Read online

  • The degree of grammaticalization of gotta, gonna, wanna and better: A corpus study

(Dagmar Machová) Read online

  • Textual meaning and its place in a theory of language

(Lesley Jeffries) Read online



Volume 16, Issue 1 (December 2015)

  • Conceptual metaphors in Ukrainian prime ministers’ discourse involving renewables

(Oleksandr Kapranov) Read online

  • Stereotypes in Czech phraseology. Nations and ethnic groups

(Enrique Gutiérrez Rubio) Read online

  • Representations of Ebola and its victims in liberal American newspapers

(Dita Trčková) Read online

  • Je ne suis pas Charlie. Metadiscourses of impoliteness following “France’s 9/11” in selected print media

(Milan Ferenčík) Read online

  • Towards an integrated corpus stylistics

(Dan McIntyre) Read online

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