Volume 14, Issue 1 (Dec 2014)

  • Fractal metaphor LIFE IS A STORY in biographical narrative

(Yakiv Bystrov) Read online

  • The ‚indisciplinarity‘ of stylistics

(Sandrine Sorlin) Read online

  • Newsworthiness, attribution and lexicogrammatical strategies in two types of news articles in English and Spanish

(Izaskun Elorza) Read online

  • An experimental approach to ambisyllabicity in English

(Dirk Elzinga, David Eddington) Read online

  • The phonological basis of Latin case patterns

(Joseph Embley Emonds) Read online



Volume 13, Issue 1 (Jun 2014)

  • A Cross-Cultural Approach to Speech-Act-Sets: The Case of Apologies

(Silvie Válková) Read online

  • „I Feel a Deep Sense of Responsibility for the People we have Hurt…“ – Explicit Stance Attribution in Crisis Communication Contested

(Edyta Rachfał) Read online

  • How Do Typological Studies Explain the Semantic Changes of English Complex Prepositions?

(Kazuyuki Yamaguchi) Read online

  • From Modernity to Post-Modernity: Conflicting Voices in Literary Discourse – A Corpus Analysis of You and One

(Alcina Maria Pereira de Sousa,  Alda Maria Correia) Read online

  • Interviewing in the Medical Context: Questions, Answers, Assessments – An Interdisciplinary Approach

(Monika Gyuró) Read online

  • Multigeneric Intertextuality in Advertising: Discourse Strategy from a Cognitive Perspective

(Katarína Nemčoková) Read online


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