Issue 11 – Contexts, References and Style


  • The Pragmatics of Discourse

(Anita Fetzer)

  • The Functional Spectrum of Pragmatic Markers in Political News Interviews and Celebrity Interviews

(Furkó, Bálint Péter)

  • Politeness at Work

(Gabriela Chefneux)

  • A Pragmatic Analysis of Investigative Interviews with Children

(Monika Gyuro)

  • Where Crisis Communication Meets Linguistics

(Edyta Rachfał)

  • A Critical Discourse Analysis of ESL Education in Canada

(Sepideh Masoodi)



Issue 12 – Contexts, References and Style


  • Various Facets of the English Stereotype in Downton Abbey – a Pragmatic Approach

(Zsuzsanna Ajtony)

  • Ethnic Humour in Intercultural Encounters: An Analysis of James Morier’s Ayesha, The Maid of Kars

(Elena Buja)

  • Detection and Correction of Speech Repairs in MICASE

(Linda Fraňová)

  • Analysis of Thematic Structure in English-Arabic News Texts

(Kais A. Kadhim, Ghayth K. Shaker al-Shaibani)

  • Differentiating between Genres of Musical Discourse

(Evgeniya Aleshinskaya)

  • Metaphor and the Political Identity of a Writer (on the Basis of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton)

(Elena Glotova)

  • “I think my own view is that…” On the Linguistic Construction of Evidence in Courtroom Discourse

(Magdalena Szczyrbak)



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