Erasmus lectures: Dr. Éva Forintos

FORINTOS, Éva is associate professor at the English and American Studies Institute of the University of Pannonia, Veszprém, Hungary lecturing on linguistics and applied linguistics. Her research interests include bilingualism and contact linguistics. Her publications are mainly related to the contact linguistic study of the language of Hungarian minority communities in English speaking countries as well as the domain language use of these communities.


Language policy issues in Australia: 10.4. 2018 14.45 (room 128)


The lecture on Multiculturalism in Australia covers the most important aspects of Australia’s multicultural policies, which evolved from the need to address issues raised by the arrival in Australia of large numbers of migrants, many whose first language was not English. Among the most profound changes in Australia over the past century has been the evolution in public policy from the White Australia Policy to a non-discriminatory immigration policy, with the parallel transition from assimilation to integration and then to multiculturalism. Mention is made of the lost generations, which meant the removal of Aboriginal children to facilitate the aim of assimilating children of “mixed Aboriginal blood” into the “white community”. Some characteristic features of Australian English are also included in the lecture.


Language mixing in written discourse: 11.4. 2018 (room 211)


Scholarly literature provides convincing evidence that in the field of bilingualism and language contact research, spoken data have always been considered superior to written data. In the focus of research, during the last forty years, there has been the mixing of language in discourse with special attention to ‘conversational code-switching’. The present lecture discusses bilingualism and code-switching in written discourse. The examples are taken form newspapers of Hungarian communities in countries where the dominant language is English.