doc. Mgr. Elena Ciprianová, PhD.

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English Morphology

Applied Linguistics


Text Linguistics

Academic Writing

Research interests:
– language variation, intercultural communication, intercultural communicative competence, cognitive linguistics, idioms, cross-linguistic comparison of conceptual metaphors

Selected Publications:

Ciprianová, E., Kováčová, Z. : Figurative ‘eye’ expressions in the conceptualization of emotions and personality traits in Slovak, 2018.  JEZIKOSLOVLJE.  ISSN 1848-9001, Vol. 19, no. 1,  2018, p. 5-38.

Ciprianová, E., Minasyan, S., Ruda, O.: English Language Education Policies in East Europe: the Cases of Slovakia and Ukraine. Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science. ISSN 2470-1262, Vol. 2, no. 1, 2017, p. 49-66.

Ciprianová, E., Miššíková, G., Ruda, O.: Translating Slovak Literature into English: Approaches and Implications.  Nitra: UKF, 2016. ISBN 978-80-558-1086-7.

Kováčová, Z., Ciprianová, E.: Revealing the anthropocentric nature of language and the theory of the living word in the interpretation of the concepts vidieť ‘see’, vedieť ‘know’ and veriť ‘believe’ in the Slovak language. Topics in Linguistics. ISSN 2199-6504, Vol. 17, no. 2, 2016, p. 59-72.

Ciprianová, E., Vrábelová, M.: Slovak students´ comprehension of English figurative idioms containing body parts. Topics in Linguistics. ISSN 2199-6504, Vol. 15, no. 1, 2015, p. 35-42.

Ciprianová, E.: Metafora ako kognitívny, jazykový a kultúrny fenomén v angličtine. Nitra:  UKF, 2013.  ISBN 978-80-558-0414-9.

Ciprianová, E., Mačura, M., Vančo, M.: Interkultúrne dimenzie prekladu.  Nitra: UKF, 2012.  ISBN 978-80-558-0095-0.

Billíková, A., Ciprianová, E.: Anglická gramatika: cvičebnica + testy. Nitra: Enigma, 2011. ISBN 978-80-8133-004-9.

Ciprianová, E.,  Vančo, M.: English in the age of globalization: Changing ELT models, restructuring relationships.    Journal of Linguistic and Intercultural Education. ISSN 2065-6599. Vol. 3, 2010, p. 123-135.

Ciprianová, E.: Kultúra a vyučovanie cudzieho jazyka.  Nitra: UKF, 2008. ISBN 978-80-8094-301-1.