Lingpril 2023

On April 20, 2023, the Department was honored to digitally receive three foreign guests as a part of the annual April linguistic workshop Lingpril. Professor Billy Clark of the Northumbria University introduced workshop participants to the depths of pragmatics. Students and others were especially intrigued by the concept of “mindreading” in the pragmatic sense of the phrase. Professor Clark introduced it on the example sentence “I can’t see how to share”. Though formally distinct, on the recievers’ end, this sentence causes the same reaction as the sentence “I would like you to help me to share [my screen]”. If you would like to learn about this concept and much more, watch the workshop recording here.

Gisela Sosa Lopez from the University of Barcelona talked about anxiety and its influence on L2 speech fluency. She showed how she uses modern digital devices (e.g., smart watches) to measure stress in recording students’ English language production.

The third workshop dealt with speech rhythm and its impact on perception of speakers’ credibility. This was the research topic of Michaela Rabanová’s bachelor thesis, produced under the supervision of Radek Skarnitzl at the Charles University in Prague. The recording of their workshop can be found here.

You can read more about the workshops, each attended by approximately 30-40 participants, at the official website:

Meeting with the British ambassador

On March 16, 2023, our Department of English and American Studies welcomed the British ambassador, Mr. Nigel Baker, OBE, MVO. Mr. Ambassador met first with the department staff and they discussed mobility options for students after the recent Brexit and explored possible grants schemes that would enable more frequent exchanges of students and teachers between Slovakia and Great Britain. They also talked about developments in the area the teaching of English in schools and the levels of current students and those interested in studying at the department. During the follow-up meeting with the students of the department, the ambassador presented the main activities of the embassy as well as his own diplomatic career and openly answered numerous student questions.