Events - 5th Nitra Conference on Discourse Studies


Conference focus

Structural, sociolinguistic, functional, interactional, contextual, etc. aspects of the English language, more specifically covering the fields of:

Text linguistics

(Critical) discourse analysis

• Types of texts and discourse

Face, facework and discourse

Discourse coherence, markers and connectives

Style and (types of) stylistics

Developments in stylistics

Registers of English

Language and cognition in text analysis

Corpus stylistics

Semantics and pragmatics of discourse

Contexts, references and communicative action  

Sociopragmatics, politeness theory, speech act theory, corpus-based pragmatics, etc.

Aspects of speech

Relationship between prosody and pragmatics, etc.

Intercultural communication

Questions of meaning and interpretation in (e.g. in media law and regulation)

Intellectual property, esp. copyright and trademarks

Cultural 'keywords' in public debate (e.g. in business, politics and the wider social 'conversation')

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