Events - Word and Image in Contemporary Culture


12 - 16 November 2012

Dept. of English and American Studies
CPU Nitra, Slovakia
Word & Image in Contemporary Culture
“Ut Pictura Poesis”

Keynote Speaker: Steve Tomasula, PhD., University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

Steve Tomasula is author of the novels VAS: An Opera in Flatland (University of Chicago Press); The Book of Portraiture (University of Alabama Press/FC2); IN & OZ (Ministry of Whimsy Press); TOC: A New-Media Novel (University of Alabama Press/FC2) and his works approach the relationship between WORD or TEXT and IMAGE.


This year the Dept. of English and American Studies at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia organizes the sixth week-long project designed for the students of the department. Each year, there is a different thematic focus which is explored through a series of lectures presented by academics, workshops, film screenings, discussions and competitions in order to activate the students and hear their opinion on the topic.
This year’s thematic focus is on the relationship between WORD and IMAGE. The aim of the event is to bring this relationship closer to the university students of humanities, but also to connect scholars and lecturers who share their interests in this area. We invite papers on literature, film, visual art, philosophy, ethics, cultural studies and other human sciences that explore the phenomenon of the relationship between words and images.
Horace’s Ut Pictura Poesis refers to his strong conviction that both poetry, i.e. imaginative texts, as well as paintings, i.e. visual art, needed to be carefully interpreted and analyzed. Though written two thousand years ago, never has the saying been more valid than in the context of the society of the late 20th and 21st century when the words “visual culture” have been often used to express the most fundamental discourse in which we live. For that reason, the focus of the week is on the exploration of the links between the textual and the visual and on various related topics which this rich interaction may stimulate. Presentations and articles may be related to any questions and issues which are connected with visual art and literature.

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